Your partner loves you the way you are

April 7, 2020 Eos 0 Comments

Hi friends! I am back and today we will discuss about the boundaries that we create in our minds. It is obvious that when things are new and you want to make love with your partner, you want your partner to get the best of you. You desire to be perfect and this desire sets up boundaries in our minds. The important lesson that you need to take care of is that you are the best in your own way. Nothing is bad about you, you just need to have enough confidence and stand a chance against all of your insecurities. I remember myself feeling shy to strip in front of my boyfriend as I felt that my boobs were not big enough and he might not like them. But, as he made love to me and whispered in my ear that I look so beautiful, I know that it doesn’t really matter much. You need to support your partner to make your relationship successful. Tell them regularly how much you love them, and tell them that you like them as they are.

Do you feel shy around your partner too? If yes, then don’t worry about it. It happens when your relationship is new and you are trying to bond with a person you like. The only way to become less shy around your partner is by spending some quality time with your partner. I remember myself turning red each time I got caught touching my private parts in presence of my partner. It went away a while later as we got comfortable around each other. Mostly because we talked it out. Believe me, it is the best solution.

Love yourself and you will get loved

It is the most important lesson to learn. If a person can not love themselves, how would they expect it from any other person out there. So, if you desire to be loved, both emotionally and physically, you need to love yourself first. Have a good diet, do regular exercise, avoid anything that can have unhealthy impact on you, but do enjoy every moment of life with your loved ones. Once you start making enough efforts and try to do something to improvise, you need not worry about it anymore. Your partner will understand and will love you more for the efforts you are making. Even I remember my boyfriend making me morning breakfast as noticed me exercising early in the morning. He whispered in my ear that he loves the way I make effort to look better and be better.

Need assistance? I am here for you.

I would love to do whatever it takes to help you out in getting over all your fears. You can contact me personally for any queries that you have and you are feeling shy to ask anyone about them. Also, I would recommend you to take the “mindful sex” course. It would be highly beneficial in building up the base for a beautiful relationship.

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