How hard is it for girls to give oral sex

April 7, 2020 Eos 0 Comments

Not to disrespect vaginal intercourse, almost 70% of women like to receive oral sex and term it as ‘very pleasurable.’ What about men? Men like to get oral a lot, and most of them would fantasies about a women’s mouth around their dick every once in a while. But most men do not get to have the pleasure of getting oral sex regularly. What is the reason? The reason being the fear women have in their minds, the mental boundaries they create, and the lack of communication between partners. This article focuses on how girls can overcome their fear of giving oral sex. You can enroll in one of my courses too.

Before heading on towards the specific blowjob tips, let us check in with an important topic – sexual abuse. Many sexual abuse survivors reported that they were forced to give blow jobs. Say No to Sex Abuse! Moreover, since every fourth woman experiences sexual abuse in one way or another, so it is very important for you to have oral sex with consent. The first question that you need to ask yourself before getting into all of this is that – whether you want to give a blowjob or not? Sex can be pleasing only if you decide which sexual acts you are okay to do and which ones you are not okay with.

Tips that help in overcoming the fear among girls to give oral sex:

  • Involve your partner:

There is nothing better than involving your own partner. You can praise your partner for what they do. Pressurizing or making your partner feel guilty is something that you need to avoid. Your boyfriend can play big support in making you more comfortable with giving blowjobs. If he continuously tells you that you are doing right, then it can become easier for you to overcome your fear.

  • Start with hand Jobs:

It is highly recommended that you should give your boyfriend handjobs. It may seem like it is less intimidating, but in a real sense, it can help in getting used to playing around with the penis, eventually removing the fear of doing it wrong from your mind. Try to position your head near the penis as you give a handjob.

  • Go slow!

Once you are comfortable with giving a handjob, you can add a bit of mouth action, if you feel anxious, you can get back a few inches, and as you get comfortable, you can slowly decrease the distance between your head and his penis. You can start it by simply kissing on the dick while continuously using your hands. Slowly move towards the dick head or start licking balls, once you get comfortable enough, give your man a blowjob.

  • Practice with a sex toy:

No one is perfect for the first time, so do not worry. You can, however, surprise your boyfriend by giving him a good blowjob. You just need a bit of practice that you can do with sex toys. Do not hesitate to take one of my courses if you still feel shy or if you are having some trouble giving oral sex to your partner.

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